I create Haute Couture costuming, wigs, and headpieces in Neo-Barouque and Avant-Garde styles. My creations serve to submerge the viewer, audience, or participant. From the tame realistic look to something otherworldly, My goal is to find beauty in the bizarre and facilitating the flamboyant  for all beings of any age. On a daily basis I find myself capturing the spontaneous and organic exploration of my surroundings and inspired by the shapes, textures and divergency inherent to the natural world increasing my desire to create sustainable works.

From an early education and career in communications arts I became interested in more 3-dimensional art forms. Being self-taught, I’ve developed my own techniques and proficiency through countless hours of trial-and-error in the studio as well as many public experiments. I’ve worked with combinations of materials, fibers and techniques to create innovative, exaggerated pieces that are also durable, functional, and, ultimately, wearable art. I’ve worked diligently to develop my unique ingenuity and a high standard of production. Through my study, I have developed a professional practice that is recognized locally with a growing international profile.


If you are interested in a custom wearable art piece for your event or have questions concerning quotes, collaboratives, measurements or application please contact me.  


* All items are sent via Priority Mail with a Tracking Number. If you would like to have this item shipped overnight please contact for express rates.

* All items are handmade and sometimes made to order. Colors may vary according to the calibration of your monitor screen, but are pretty true to the pictures provided.